Monday, 3 June 2013

Module 9

I love Scootle and the Learning Paths but I must admit I have not used it of late.  I was first introduced during the 'LaTTiCE' (Learning and Teaching Technology in Catholic Education) program but it has come a lot further since then.
Upon looking at it over the last few weeks, I am quite excited to see how it can be utilised by staff to help plan our next inquiry unit.  The whole school is going to be inquiring about the same big question and I have found alot of helpful material that I plan to show to staff at our Inquiry staffmeeting in the next week or so.  I certainly will be encouraging all levels to explore and use Scootle.

Social networking also is not new to me but again I have not utilised this very well. I follow people on Twitter but don't all that often contribute although I do find very interesting links.  I am just learning Linked In so I am basically just playing around with this.  Facebook I really love - for reasons other than keeping up with friends - I am receiving alot of links via Pinterest about early education and am finding this an incredible source of ideas, educational reading and global trends. Much of this information I am passing on to teachers at school to open our ideas and experiences.

I am a person who loves to learn, explore, experiment and come up with different ideas and all of these social networks ensure my learning capacity grows and grows!!

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