Sunday, 5 May 2013

Module 6

I love Picasa and have used it for the past few years to sort and store photos on my computer but this module let me explore the many extra advantages of it.  I was unaware of the editing section of Picasa and hadn't considered the advantages of storing photos on Picasa itself.

From an organisational perspective Picasa has been great to store school images and then when looking for photos for presentations  it was very simple to scroll through and find suitable images.

I had absolutely no idea that it is so easy to edit and enhance photos.  Our students are coming to school with much of this knowledge already.  I get so much joy watching my grand daughter using the ipad, taking photos, adding text........ she is already teaching her family things they did not know (and the 2 year old treasure is not far behind).

We as educators, owe it to our students to be helping them be the best learners that they can possibly be, and in this present age, that has to be by using the technology available to them - in the best possible way.  I'm also not beyond learning about advancing technology through the students themselves - teachers are not the keepers of all knowledge!

Technology starts at such an early age!

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