Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Life with Web 2.0 Module 1

A new challenge is what we all need!  Module 1 certainly put lots of ideas forward about how we can be using technology - and how we should be using it.  Our students are sure to know more about this than we do but that is all the more reason to keep abreast.  We are not going to inspire students using antiquated methods and strategies.  This course will challenge us to keep updating but best of all, gives us a structure to follow and we are lucky that so many of us are doing this together. Collaborative support!  
I have been reading over some of our weekly entries on My Classes and this is very relevant now:
'So, over the coming weeks we will look at how we can ‘power’ our brains to maximise our learning opportunities!!  
      It’s how we use it that counts – our responsibility to be the best learner we can be!!'

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